Warzone Pacific brings air fights into Battle Royale

We knew that the integration of Call of Duty: Warzone with Vanguard would be great, but not so big. In a new blog that has been released today, Activision has announced that the Battle Royale is now called Warzone Pacific, and the beautifully looking map you fall is called Caldera, based on its dormant volcano.

However, not only naming changes you need to get used to - Warzone Pacific may lets you look more in the sky than you would normally do it. While Warzone in the Verdansk era occasionally saw helicopters in the sky, Warzone Pacific will go a step further - with adult air fights.

Yes, you guess - if you choose the game mode Vanguard Royale, which is limited to the use of weapons that can only be found in Vanguard, and you can not immerse yourself in your existing weapons arsenal, you can make a small fighter aircraft, Equipped with a machine gun. Who made Warzone on his 2021 Gaming Bingo Card one of the best aircraft games? We do not know that.

In addition, those on the ground in Vanguard Royale can try to bring them with aircraft emissions, some of which are screwed on the loading area of ​​trucks. The aircraft and the Flak trucks are just a few of several new vehicles that will be available in this exclusive vanguard experience.

But if you are desperate for your Mac-10 Warzone PC Player 24 tendons and can not give a monkey via air fights, the standard Battle Royale and Plunder modes for Caldera are still available for you to access any weapon which you have unleashed during the life of Warzone.

Rebirth Island also retains its place and will be playable even after the Vanguard integration. So if you are a resurgence rammer, you can go on as if something had never happened.


There is a lot of further information about Vanguard, its integration in Warzone Pacific on the 2nd Giant Blogpost.


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