Warzone: What can Call of Duty Vanguard bring to Battle Royale?

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Call of Duty Vanguard will arrive on November 5 but still not clear when it will hold its integration into Warzone and all the features it will bring, so we asked about the various elements that integration could bring a positive way for the battle royale.

Better protection against cheaters?

Warzone finally receive the expected anti-cheating system to end all cheaters. It should be available as soon as Call of Duty Vanguard is integrated with the battle royale with respective first season, but has not yet been given a date even guidance.

The studios are making good progress in mass banning of players, but the result is still not enough to drastically reduce the numbers and the game a safe environment. This anti-cheating tool is sold as the ultimate solution, but we have no idea how it works, or even how it looks at least. As we all know, the traps are a real scourge in Warzone and community get tired of seeing a game that is being consumed because of these hackers.

As a result, the next Anti-Cheat system may have seen himself as an excellent way to give a small boost Warzone, and appears to be one of the best things a FPS can receive.

Correction multitude of errors?

Call of Duty Vanguard has nothing to do with all Elimination Series, accessories and other updates combat in Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, so it is likely that the addition of the next installment can correct some recurring concerns. In particular, it will be time to have new features that do not come so broken and we may see the elimination of the stimulant, which has remained for nearly a year in a dispute awful because its use was broken allowing gas to survive. Please also note that the stimulant is not very popular: only 1% of players use this tactical accessory, so will not remove anything from the other world.

Facts about EVERY Card in Clash Royale

Speaking of gas, it can also be interesting to review how the mask works, that breaks all dynamic combat and often failing just for players who like to play them with the area in the final confrontation.

new weapons that can break the goal?

The Kar98k and MP5 are two weapons that have been the target for many months and often the same weapons are found again and again in the Warzone goal. In the absence of a proper balance or a plurality of weapons too large, there are many questions that one can make about why this goal does not change frequently.

Black Ops Cold War had managed to tip the balance in the new bring weapons to the goal and we expect Vanguard weapons could pose a new era for all weapons and different categories of the arsenal of CoD.

significant visual change

Verdansk is a good map, but it is true that redundant turns despite the makeover with the 80 See new points of interest could completely change the focus of the players on the battlefield and potentially a new target depending on the design from the menu. We do not know what the shape or even the appearance of the new map, but on the one hand they can solve the various problems of lighting and massive campeos on high.

A completely new map could allow players to completely change the gameplay and new modes of transport can help energize a bit of everything.

But there may also be problems ...

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that it is quite possible that the arrival of Vanguard completely break Warzone, especially from the point of view of weapons. The game is equipped with 86 major weapons and the next work could well add forty. Especially since the class system will be completely upset because it will be possible to put 10 accessories in a weapon (although the corresponding Joker) and 71 unique accessories. Vanguard integration in Warzone will have to be made by skillful hands, otherwise we run to a total imbalance.

In addition, it may be that the timing of Vanguard does not correspond at all with Warzone already juggles between modern and vintage. With the 1940, we are in a rather special was that may affect some.


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